the boudoir experience

the details on the boudoir experience, kind words from past couples & your FAQ's answered.

refined, timeless, romantic

It's who you are. Not only that, you're a wife, a mama, a successful woman, someone who's struggled with loving her body or someone who's been comfortable in it. You're an incredibly multifaceted human being worthy of celebrating yourself for who you are. 

And I wholeheartedly believe you are a work of ART. The Renaissance got it right in depicting goddess. Soft skin, sweeping curves, delicate touches in powerful and strong women. 

Darling, you're a goddess. Powerful and beautiful. Strong and delicate. Bold and romantic. Refined and imperfect. Let's create art that shows you exactly the way you are.

refined, timeless, romantic

We're at this step now! This is our chance to get to know each other a little better. We'll get on a phone call so you get to know more details about the boudoir experience and I get to know more about you! Why you want to do the session, the things you love about yourself, and how to create an incredible luxury experience hand tailored just for you.

step 01: get in touch

After our phone call and you pick your session date, I'll send over the contract & invoice for the session fee. Once I get both the contract and the session fee back, it's officially official! We'll prepare you for your day of pampering and being treated like a literal goddess with a prep guide and pre-session planning consultation...

step 02: officially official

Before your session, we'll jump back on the phone to plan your session! I'm talking about lingerie guidance and prop ideas, poses you want to try and we'll discuss products & collections. I know this is an experience and an investment in yourself and finances do have a role in this too. But never fear, I know how it is and that's why the Boudie Bank is here for you.

step 03: planning the session

You fall in love with your images but your wallet might not be in love which kind of kills the mood. The Boudie Bank is pre-session payment plans to fit your lifestyle so when you come into your session, you have your products already selected and fully paid for so you can truly relax and enjoy the experience! Plus, there are exclusive BONUSES available for my Boudie Bank babes.

step 04: the boudie bank

The session date is here! You'll come into the gorgeous light-filled space we have for the day and get glammed up by our professional hair & makeup artist while you sip on a glass of bubbly. You'll get dressed (or undressed!) and we'll get started on creating absolute magic on camera. You feel like a goddess and you absolutely deserve it.

step 05: the session day!

After your session, you'll head out to grab some lunch for an hour and when you arrive, your gorgeous images will be ready for viewing and when you see them on the screen, you are BLOWN AWAY. You'll select your favorite images for your products and collections that you pre-purchased (thanks Boudie Bank!) and head home feeling like a literal goddess.

step 06: the reveal

In some weeks time, your luxury products will arrive at your front door and you'll be able to gift them to a surprised partner (or yourself!) to enjoy for years to come. Everytime you flip through your heirloom album, you'll admire yourself and know that this experience showed you truly how magical you are.

step 07: your luxury products

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be."

Session fee is $400. Products and Collections begin at $1900.


60-minute Boudoir Session
Professional hair & makeup
One hour planning consultation call
Client Closet
Two outfit changes
Professional editing 
Same day photo reveal and ordering appointment

Session Fee: $400

Boudoir is an investment in yourself. This is you saying that you are worth the experience. When you see your images that make you say "wow, I can't believe that's ME!" then you'll see exactly why it was worth the investment in yourself.

A Session Fee of $400 is due to book your Boudoir Experience. 

There is a minimum investment of $1900 but because most women fall in love with more images than they can narrow down, the average investment is $3400. 

I know it is an investment though and that's why we have the Boudie Bank, where you can take advantage of a prepayment plan and bonuses available ONLY to those who use the Boudie Bank!

The boudoir Experience

Products & digital images are not included in the session fee and are sold separately.

I've seen it before. You get excited, get glammed up, you're exuding confidence and sexiness. You come to the image reveal and fall in love with ALL. THE. IMAGES. But now you're *slightly* stressed about money, which is definitely killing the vibe. Let's avoid that altogether by using the Boudie Bank. During our pre session phone consult, you decided on your product collection and have made interest-free payments on it in the time leading up to the session date so when it arrives, there is nothing to worry about. Plus because I love to give a little extra, there's some pretty kickass bonuses available ONLY for my Boudie Bank babes.

because i know how it goes

the boudie bank

A gorgeous heirloom quality album handcrafted in the US with your favorite images from your boudoir session printed in the pages. The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of your albums.

the signature album

100% natural, Italian leathers that are selected for their exceptional texture, strength, and durability. The Distressed Leathers enamor with their aged beauty. Colored Leathers are both smooth and luxurious. Rich suede texture that feels every bit as luxurious as it looks. Our 100% authentic Suede Leather has a lavish nap, lasting durability, and incredible colors.

premium covers

Smooth matte finish, dark grain, genine hardwood. The Walnut Box is both durable and elegant. Pairs well with albums and gasps of delight.

walnut case

Bring a hand-crafted finishing touch to your covers with debossing you will want to run your hands over. Available in black, white, blind (no foil), silver, gold and rose gold foils options.


Our smallest, most adorable pocket album. Perfect for a gift to keep in a desk drawer or purse or just because. Choose from any cover material or color.

mini kiss

A gorgeous presentation product. A 11x14 handcrafted box paired with your selection of 8x10 matted prints

folio boxes

Metal prints with the image directly printed onto horizontally brushed aluminum. A glossy metal-like sheen and impressive print. Our acrylic prints have a high-end, pigment ink, professional print lies beneath a sensational glass-like acrylic face. And of course the classic & timeless canvas wall art on a frame.

wall art

Our handcrafted natural Leather Envelopes and Print Satchels present your prints in a beautiful and unique way. Available in “Distressed Brown” and “Antique White” Genuine Leathers. Fits 10 fine art matted prints.

leather envelope

explore the products

I totally get it, I'm not natural in front of the camera. But I'll guide you through every pose, tell you where to put your hands and where to look at. It's a different kind of posing but I'm here to help you every step of the way.

06. i'm not a model, i don't know how to pose! is boudoir for me?

You get to see your images the same day! After your session and you select your favorites for your products, you'll receive your products in the mail in 4-6 weeks depending on the item. This is why I recommend scheduling your session 3 months before your wedding so we have plenty of time in case of shipping delays! ;)

05. how long until i get my photos?

The 60 minute boudoir session has time for 2 outfits. I suggest bringing 3-5 outfits with you so you have options in case you change your mind on anything the day of! And if we're making this bridal boudoir, I definitely 10000% recommend bringing in your veil, garter and wedding shoes! It'll be magical, I promise.

04. how many outfits do i get & do i need to supply them?

Yes! This is the most common way my clients make their boudoir session more affordable, is by paying over time. And there's some pretty amazing bonuses for using the payment plan.

03. can i take advantage of a payment plan?

There is a minimum investment of $1800. Most boudoir clients spend $2500-4000 on their experience. Our in house payment plans make this experience more affordable!

02. is there a minimum amount i have to spend?

Yes! You will have your hair and makeup done professionally by one of my incredibly talented makeup artists so you feel your absolute best. This is included in the session fee.

01. is hair & makeup included in the session?

Have a question about the boudoir experience? I've got an answer! And if you don't see your question here, please reach out via email: 



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